Installation failed


I download glasswire from your given link and could not install it on my windows 10(x64) to even give a try.
It gives me an error and doesn’t install.


@11144 What error do you see?

If you run Windows Update does it solve it?


Ken_GlassWire, I need help too. I tried to install the new version and Windows 10 tells me it can’t open the file! I have tried several times, went to the website to get the latest version and I get the same message. Please help if you can. Thanks.

Can't upgrade the new version!


Sorry for the problem. Did you also try to run Windows Update?

If you delete our installer, then reboot, then go to and install it again does it solve it? What is the exact error you see?


Yes, it worked!! Yay!! Thanks, Ken. I am a happy camper now.


I nearly downloaded 20 times and followed your instruction but no luck same (installation failure), please fix that installer, I’m pretty sure the problem is in your side, I installed many programs in my entire life non had this issue. FIX IT


How are they going to “FIX IT”? :thinking: You have not told the GlassWire team anything that they can use to reproduce the problem.


@Ken_GlassWire Hello.
This is my problem too. I install new windows 10 (x64) and now I downloaded glasswire from this website and when I try to open that, it’s show me “Installation Failure”

I really need glasswire :(((
How can I fix this problem?

Also Windows update is on!