Installation fails when using custom directories

If glasswire.conf file contains custom directories, it seems GlassWire installation still fails.

I mentioned it before in Glasswire 2.2.291 cannot install
not sure if it was missed or still being looked at after I posted an update last September?
I can confirm this is still happening with latest installation.

My .conf file contains this custom setup:

LogDirectory = F:\Glasswire/service-full/log
DbStorageDirectory = F:\Glasswire/service-full

With those two above, the installation dialog just disappears/quits, as soon as I remove them and restart, the installation progresses fine.

Note: F:\Glasswire is also the directory where GW is installed (or about to be installed), would be nice if installation/upgrade only removed GW files and left anything extra (like the service-full directory) untouched.

Thanks for your report. I will report this to our team so they can investigate.

You need to install the latest version which is 2.2.397, yours is 2.2.291. Hope that helps. :grinning:

no, it’s been happening since 2.2.291, tested it recently with 2.3.397 installation as well and it is still happening

They’re looking into it. Hopefully the team will find a solution to it. Check to see if you have the latest updates on Windows. That can also cause problems on installing. :grinning: