Installed new NIC, now Glasswire doesn't track any traffic


I installed a new NIC a month or so back and never really noticed until just now that it hasn’t been tracking any traffic since then. I’ve scanned through the settings options and can’t seem to find anything that allows me to select which interface I want to monitor. I can see my interface in the “Things” tab but can’t select it for traffic monitoring.

Anybody have any ideas?


We use a Windows API that tracks all interfaces, or it should. That’s really weird and I haven’t seen this reported before. Please post here, or message me privately details on what NIC you use with what hardware and we can investigate.

I’m using an Aquantia 10G NIC (Model AQN-107).

Intel 6700K
Asus ROG Maximus VIII Hero

Windows updates are current and am running bios 3703 from ASUS.


If you uninstall GlassWire, reboot, then reinstall using GlassWire’s “clean install” option does it solve the issue?

That was going to be my next step, just wanted to see if there was anything I could do before running through a clean install. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Looks like that did the trick. I wonder why it wasn’t able to detect the new interface… You’d figure that the API call would return active interfaces even if it’s not an on-board interface.

Thanks for the help Ken!

@Azutone I don’t recall this ever being reported before. Maybe the API got tricked somehow by that hardware type. Very weird!

@Ken_GlassWire, gonna reopen this issue. Just noticed that it is not monitoring traffic anymore. The clean install did in-fact fix the issue originally but it seems to have returned on its own. Any ideas?


Did our service stop maybe?

Did you add/remove the hardware again or has it been stable?

All three services are running properly. I’ve yet to have any issues with the NIC. Haven’t seen any drops in connection or packet loss on it since install.

Glasswire does seem to be doing things since it can tell when my connection drops and comes back when enabling/disabling my VPN or when devices appear on my network.

How is your graph set? Is it set to 5 minutes and you’re temporarily not having any network activity maybe? We use a Windows API to read network activity, so it’s strange the API would fail to pick up your network adapter.

Graph is set 5 min and not paused and I turned on a download for Steam just to test and it still showed no traffic.

Thanks, we will discuss it. Does your Windows task manager show any traffic, or no?

I’ll have to check that when I get home. At work currently.

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Confirmed that Windows can see the traffic. See screenshot.

Network adapters for good measure.

The time between the clean install and today.

Thanks. We will investigate and see if we can recreate this.

Is it possible to enable your other NIC even though it’s not functional? Our team asked.

As requested. Heading to work now.

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