Installer crashes

running the installer causes Error opening file for writing

Thank you for your report. Did you participate in our unreleased software testing by chance?

Not that I know.
What is that for a rule, that in this forum I have to type at least 20 characters for a post :smile:

The rules are made by the Discourse software, not us. I will ask our dev team and see how we can solve this. Sorry for the problem.

not a problem. I just wanted to mention it.
Now how can I resolve the setup issue? Any idea? Could I have participated without knowing?

No, you could not have participated without knowing. You would have had to email us to ask to participate then we would have sent you a link to download the test version.

Installer crashes are always high priority for us so I think I’ll have more feedback tomorrow from our dev team. Sorry for the delay.

Please try the following:

  1. Run the task manager;
  2. Under the Details tab find the GWCtlSrv.exe process and terminate it;
  3. Install GlassWire.