Internet Access Monitor, is it able to detect connection lost that lasts for a few seconds?

So I am trying to record downtimes of my internet connections to provide evidence to my ISP about this ongoing problem I am experiencing.

The problem being my internet connection would disconnect at least once every day, at random times, for roughly 5-20 seconds.

Would GlassWire be able to detect the downtime of this duration? Because I enabled the Internet Access Monitor this morning, and I have experienced 1 downtime since then, but GlassWire did not log the downtime.

The reason I was able to conclude that my internet connection was lost is because that the cloud session of a program I use got disconnected, and the Discord call I was in also disconnected. I was not able to load any Google searches either.

Also, side note, is the Internet Access Monitor available in the Free Version? If not, is that why it did not log the downtime?


I am sorry to hear you are experiencing connectivity issues. That’s so frustrating!

If you’re using a desktop connected to ethernet then the Internet Access Monitor can be pretty reliable. But if you’re using a notebook and opening/closing it and moving it all the time then it won’t be very reliable.

We’re actually actively working on redesigning this feature so it will work more effectively for what you need. It’s a paid feature, but our free trial has it for 7 days.

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I see. I am using an Ethernet cable for my desktop.

So I guess the Internet Access Monitor didn’t log the downtime is because my GlassWire is a free version right now.

Alright thank you for the information. I will see and try out the free trial one maybe.


There is only one version of GlassWire. If your free trial expired, then you are stuck at free now and you should upgrade to turn that feature on. Sorry for the inconvenience.