"Internet access monitor" setting reverts to being disabled

I’m using GlassWire 1.0.40b on Windows 8.1 Pro x64. The “Notify me if my internet connection was disconnected or reconnected.” setting under “Internet access monitor” keeps becoming disabled for some reason. Every time I enable it, it reverts before long to being disabled.

It doesn’t happen when GlassWire is shut down or started (or, at least, not every time). It just seems to happen randomly.

Thanks for reporting this problem. We’ll try to recreate this on our side and fix it ASAP.

You can also try uninstalling/reinstalling.

It could be due to your protection program or more likely by MS .I have found Windows can block or stop programs it has a problem with or even parts of programs get blocked. I have had many a "battle " with MS.

My “protection program”? As in, my anti-virus? Or Microsoft, as in, Windows?

We are talking about a setting that is placed, but then undone. Are you seriously suggesting that some other application is editing client.conf?

In any case, this issue occurred two or three times, but has not happened over the past day. I will keep an eye on it and report back.

Every time I enable it it reverts back to disabled-- I am NOT saying an app is doing it. But if you have seen over the years what MS is capable of then you might take a different view. MS doesnt answer to you or me it sets up its own rules and regulation and many many people arent happy about it. I have seen what MS is capable of you dont own your PC -MS does ,as long as windows is installed on it. I have had many battles with the registry-updates -that blue screen you -programs that worked great for MONTHS after an update out comes that big trojan the "IN-compatibility assistant blocks the program from running. Its because Windows is left open to hackers due to open doors that Windows need constant updates .Program after program blocked ! which ran beautifully for months with NO problems . Dont think I am the only one with this view just look up the IT business websites MS is crucified by many angry IT workers.