Introducing GlassWire Lite!

Please give it a try and let us know your results.

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Download GlassWire Lite

A quote from the article is below if you’re concerned about settings/history.

“If you’re a Basic, Pro, or Elite user you can use your license on GlassWire Lite and it works exactly the same. When you install GlassWire Lite over GlassWire, your original GlassWire history will be backed up and moved inside the GlassWire folder. If you find GlassWire Lite is not for you then you should be able to install GlassWire again over itself, and your original GlassWire history should return with no issues.”

Does anyone have feedback on this new version? Thanks!

Hi, installed here on one of my machines as i never used history, and usually in incognito mode so it doesn’t appear any different performance wise.

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Yes, this update will make the biggest difference for people who choose to keep a history (don’t use our Incognito mode) and people who use something like Bittorrent that connects to thousands of hosts simultaneously.

Works nice but I want to see the hosts.

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Yes, unfortunately that’s the trade-off. Lite uses pretty much no resources, but it does not log all hosts.

I have a normal license, so is this version freeware?
I will give it a try since I use Malwarebytes WFC on some machines because I didn’t need the logging and its free, though it does do a last 500 connections log.


No, GlassWire Lite uses your same license (if by normal you mean a Basic, Pro, or Elite license). If you switched over to GlassWire Lite then your license should continue to work.

If you’re talking about our free 7 day trial then I am not sure if you’ll still get the trial if you were using GlassWire’s free trial previously. I will try to find that out. It may be worth waiting until your trial ends first just in case you lose your trial.


I have a GlassWire Pro Subscription. If I enjoy the lite version and don’t need logging, will you have a seperate price structure for lite in the future? As I have considered canceling because all I wanted in a firewall was a simple allow? yes / no firewall blocker.


Thanks for purchasing GlassWire Pro!

We have no plans to have any separate pricing structures in the future. You can use GlassWire Basic, Pro, and Elite with GlassWire, or GlassWire Lite. It’s your choice to use whichever version you prefer and your license works with both.

Tried lite. Made some changes. Bought product. License applied. Still said it was the Lite version. Downloaded full version. It saw the Lite version, uninstalled it, installed the current version. I lost my changes. For example, Labels I had made in Things. Plus other settings.

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Yes, there is a warning with the installer about this. Sorry for the problem.
If you switch back to the previous version it should have your settings labels. Unfortunately we can’t keep the same settings exactly between versions because they work a bit differently, I apologize.