IPv6 local traffic

My computer has an IPv4 address and an IPv6 address (link-local IPv6 address).

The IPv4 address is and all traffic using IPv4 to other local IPv4 addresses is properly recognized as local traffic in GlassWire

But when any traffic on the local network uses the IPv6 address to other other IPv6 addresses within the local network it will be seen as “Outer” traffic

Is this something that can be corrected?

Thanks for reporting this. I’ll discuss with our team.

I’m having this exact same issue nearly a year and a half later. How’s that discussion going?

This makes the entire program pointless for me in keeping track of mine and my flatmate’s shared external usage, since we routinely share files.

It’s difficult to fix due to the way IPv6 works, but we’re looking at some options.

I’m having the same issue with all IPv6 traffic being shown as external, but in my setup it affects public IP space as well. So my PC has e.g. 2001:1234:5678:90ab::10/64, and I was expecting that traffic to 2001:1234:5678:90ab::11 would be automatically flagged as local. I was also expecting that reverse DNS lookups would be happening for IPv6 addresses, but even for static assignments with proper AAAA and PTR DNS records I still see raw IPv6 addresses.

But more than that, a meaningful definition of “local” (or “my network”) for me on a fixed workstation actually means:

  • any of 4 IPv4 /24s (2 physically local, 2 on the far end of a WAN link)
  • any of 2 IPv6 /64s (1 local, 1 WAN)
  • any link-local IPv6 addresses

Automatically detecting the directly-connected IPv6 subnets and treating them as local would be a start, but to be really relevant I think there needs to be a way to manually broaden the definition.

Being able to further distinguish between multiple network zones (e.g. local site, remote internal sites, external) would be even better, but is probably a separate enhancement.


I’m in the same situation. Is there a way to enable IPv6-Reverse-Lookups? Or can I use a “Glasswire”-host file which contains

prefix = fdxx:xxxx:xxxx:subnet; path to my Icon
IPv6-address = FQDN

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