Is anyone willing to explain why Youtube shows Traffic type "Other"?

Hello this is my first time on this forum, so sorry if this is the wrong place to ask.
I’m new to internet security in general. I recently noticed that whenever i watch a video on youtube, the Traffic type: “other” goes up. Is there any reason its classed as other and not https?
Thanks for your time.


We use an API to detect traffic types. The API is usually accurate, but perhaps Youtube has changed something recently to use some new sophisticated traffic type, so the API we use no longer detects it.

Also, please note browsers can send other traffic besides https as you can see if you sort by traffic types under our “usage” tab.

Is this on the Android version of GlassWire?

I don’t have this problem on the Windows version.

The Android version does not show traffic types, because we cannot see that unfortunately. I wish we could though!

Now I’m wondering why don’t I see Other traffic with YouTube?

Thank you for the replies.
Its kind of weird. Admitted I’m still learning about all this stuff.
I just realized that when watching a youtube video, sometimes glasswire would show connection to my localhost(?) and then sometimes to a host which i believe is a google server. “Other” only goes up when it connects the google one.

Right now its back to the google ip, but earlier when i watched some videos the only connection i saw in the graph was my own ip. So i’m a little confused on what was happening there.

Do you have a Chromecast, or any kind of Google hardware like that? Or maybe it was reading from a cache somehow? I’m not sure.

Oh yes! Thank you! I think it may be caching it. I just loaded up a video and it connected to the google host like usual. Then i reloaded the page and saw my IP.
(just to answer the question though: no i dont have any google hardware)

Maybe that’s the bot traffic