Is Glasswire a Trojan/worm?

Hi, I was wondering whether GW behaves like a Trojan/Worm as when I firstly turn off my router and then physically disconnect it GW is still showing UL/DL speeds after 5 minutes of NO activity on my router?



No, GlassWire is not a Trojan/Worm of course…

You say “GlassWire is still showing UL/DL speeds after 5 minutes of no activity on my router”. Can you give more details of where you are seeing this? Does GlassWire have a remote connection with its remote monitoring feature on?

Are you looking at local connections on your PC? If so GlassWire has a driver and a UI, and the driver sends your network activity to our UI (the app that shows your data). This is local activity between a driver and a UI and it is not external network activity, or really any kind of network activity at all.

If you are seeing activity on GlassWire with your router disabled, then GlassWire still shows local network activity. Go to the graph/apps to see what apps are responsible for the activity. A PC will have some local network activity when it’s trying to communicate on the network, even if the network is dead.

The cool thing about GlassWire is you can see this in detail under the graph tab, then see what apps/traffic are taking place in real time.