Is glasswire 'packed'?

process explorer is showing the glasswire control service in color purple. This color means it is a packed image which is often used by malware. I’ve been running glasswire for a while now with no problems but it would be nice for it to be confirmed that this legitimate


Not sure if you’re serious or joking, but no, GlassWire is not malware…

I searched about this and from what I read a purple image means the app is compressed.

“A “packed image” is one where executable code is compressed with the intention to make the file smaller. Typical file size reduction hovers around 50%. It uses a “loader” at runtime to decompress the data back to executable code before it starts executing. It was useful back in the olden days with limited disk storage capacity and limited network bandwidth.”

I’m guessing this is because we use a code integrity protection system with GlassWire so it can’t be modified easily. This is actually a security protection, not malware.

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