Is GlassWire watching the clipboard?

one of my programs sends me an alarm that GlassWire.exe (class: Qt5ClipboardView) is watching the clipboard.
I am wondering why is it necessary that GlassWire is watching my clipboard?


Someone else reported something similar. I’m not sure why it’s giving that alert. Please confirm the company/product that is sending you that alert so we can investigate and get the false positive removed.

The application is the password manager Password Safe and Repository Version 7.2 .
In this artikel
they write:

" The clipboard is supervised by Password Safe. If you pass data from Password Safe to the clipboard you will be informed about programs, which supervise the clipboard, and you can terminate the action, uniquely allow it, or also license the software permanently/or exclude it."

I hope this helped.

We investigated and found the QT framework watches the clipboard. Lots of applications use QT so I guess any QT app will set off this warning with your application.

OK, thanks a lot, but it still makes me a little nervous.

I like your app looking forward to the release.

Good luck!

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We found this problem with QT and it should be changed in the next release that will be out probably tomorrow.

Cool, I can relax now.
Good work!!

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Great, I can confirm there is no clipboard monitoring alarm anymore!

Thanks for you fast improvement!

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