Is Hon Hai Precision Ind. Co., Ltd a threat?


Yes, it is interesting.

Hon Hai Precision Industry is Foxconn, the fourth largest IT company by revenue behind Apple, Samsung, Amazon and ahead of Alphabet (previously Google), Microsoft and Huawiei.



I’ve installed Glasswire on both my laptop and desktop, and I noticed something very interesting on my network. The desktop, a Dell XPS 18, turned out to be one of 2 Hon Hai devices on my network. As the laptop is also a Dell device, I tried referencing its MAC Address against the other Hon Hai device. What I discovered is that the laptop’s MAC Address is not appearing on the list of connected devices on either installation of Glasswire. Both are pulling up the same 7 devices: the router, my phone, my XBox One, my printer, and the desktop being the devices I’ve identified, and then the Hon Hai device and an Apple device.

I also have the “Who’s On My Wifi” mobile app on my phone. That app is detecting 8 devices on the network, matching the aforementioned 7, and then the 8th was mysteriously unlabeled, which is abnormal for that program, however, that MAC address matched my laptop… Also, a MAC vendor lookup returned a “Not Found” message for the address (A6-A0-2E-85-AB-41).

Additionally, using the arp -a command on both computers, I got a list of 7 dynamic devices on each, with 1 matching the router, 101 the phone, 102 the unidentified Hon Hai device, 103 the unidentified Apple device, 108 the XBox, 109 the printer, and then 106 appearing on the desktop and matching the laptop, while 111 appeared on the laptop and matched the desktop.

Is it at all possible that the unidentified Hon Hai device is the laptop? I think it’s highly unlikely, given the arp -a result, but I figured I’d ask. Hopefully somebody might have some insight regarding this.

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I’d likely agree that they’re not the same device but it is confusing that you are showing only IP addresses for arp results and talking about MAC addresses for the others. That means I can only guess.

Normally a check of IP addresses will be sufficient to match devices. Using the MAC address as well just makes it more definitive. Then all you’d need to tell us is what does not match.

There is something wrong if GlassWire on the laptop is not showing the laptop on the network list.

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Our team asked if you could send us a screenshot? It will help us understand and diagnose the issue.

Or click my name here and send it as a private message, or post it to the public if you feel safe doing so (but maybe remove your hosts).