Is it possible to clear/reduce number of Alerts?

Hi Guys,

Can someone tell me if it’s possible to delete/remove/clear

The alert listing?

I am talking about the Alert list that can be found on the menu bar along with

Graph – Usage – Things- Firewall - Alerts

I have what I consider 100s of older alerts which are useless to me.

I would like an option in the settings to keep alerts for x number of days/weeks/years. Then it’s up to the user how they choose to set it.

If this can’t be done ?

Then maybe it could go in the suggestion box for future updates, TODO ?

Thanks for your feedback on clearing alerts. To clear your history (including alerts) go to our top left menu and choose “settings” then “clear history”.

Thank you Ken.
I should have seen that.
I clearly missed it.
It does just what I wanted.
Thank you once again

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Does clearing history remove usage history as well or just for alerts?

It removes usage history as well.

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