Is it viable to just connect devices through Ethernet cables

not through wireless.
And is there anyway to have a hidden network you can only connect to if you know the name and password for your mobile devices and such.
(sorry for the non usage of correct terminology)

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Yes, and cabled is nearly always better.

If you’re a serious computer gamer then cabled connections are associated with better results in online games. See this topic on League of Legends results

  • Cabled networks are faster and generally more reliable than WiFi.

  • Cabled networks are effectively private whereas wireless networks such as WiFi are always public i.e. can be detected without entering your property.

You can create “hidden” networks if you want to on both wired and wireless networks where you can segregate devices, IP addresses and connection types by various means. Here’s some of the relevant networking concepts:

If you describe exactly what you want to achieve then it is easier to recommend one option over another. For example, I want visitors to my house to have more limited Internet connectivity than my family.


Entirely possible with an adapter and the correct drivers. Search for “phone ethernet” e.g.

There are many forums where you can get experts to help.

  • If you’re purchasing locally then local people are often a lot more helpful. I’m in NZ so I would probably ask on

  • I have used Game Debate many times for comparisons of CPUs and GPUs and how well they run actual games.

Remember the goal is to get a reliable working system so not making a custom rig might be a better option.

  • I can save 10-20% buying parts but if I need support then what is my time worth? I can easily spend much more time and money diagnosing and resolve just one problem.

  • Unless you’re buying the latest high-end components there are other options for getting a good computer: on sale or clearance; ex-demo; or even second-hand.

  • It can save a lot of time and research to buy the same components that someone else has bought and already made into a working system. You then avoid being the only person in the world with one specific combination of components.

  • Make sure that you have reliable device drivers for the components needing them on the operating system you will be using.

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I’m looking to build the PC myself for the thrill of it. i’ll also most likely LiveStream it on “youtube” but i am looking for a build that can record/stream/game at the same time. i know this is alot for my first build but my way of doing it is “go big or go home” (for most things)
i have heard that it would be better to get a GPU second hand but to get the motherboard and CPU new.
i have a budget so far of $1.4G AUD and growing. this build probably won’t happen until later this year the way i want the the PC and my salary. i will continue to ask for advice on various platforms such as the LTT community and some of my friends who are experienced in this field more than me

Bottom line (if the above is hard to read/understand): i just want direction in where to go.
and which is better; AMD or Nvidia GeForce

Use a website where it is easy to create a component list with prices. There’s a lot of help with build guides.

Local assemblers probably have web sites that help you too. Here’s one from NZ but you should be able to find one in your city:

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