Is it worth getting GlassWire

I did look through a couple of topics that are recent and most are saying that there is a problem with GlassWire not working. i’d like to know if it would be a good idea to go with GlassWire.
at the moment i go with Fing which works well enough but has a few tools i’d like there which aren’t. GlassWire looks like it’s going to fulfill some things i want but the best thing about Fing is that its free. (unless you get FingBox). as i did say, i just want to know if it would be a good idea to buy GlassWire or stay with Fing.

It all depends upon what you want. AFAIK, you can try Glasswire’s free trial of the paid features.

But it is not just features you desire. Maybe there are some you don’t want:

  • Fing on Android has ads; Glasswire does not.
  • Fing possibly tracks (like Fingbox) your Android device but I can’t confirm this; GlassWire does not track.

fun fact, i don’t mind ads. as long as they don’t cover the screen im happy.
and i don’t mind if the service provider tracks me if i trust them, i’ve been with Fing for 2 years now but i never say no to extra protection. so in conclusion i really just want to know if the paid version of GlassWire is worth it.

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GlassWire is nothing like Fing in my opinion. We’re an endpoint network monitor and firewall. Fing seems to focus on showing the IOT (Internet of Things) on your network, and interacts with them.

We do show the IOT on your network also but most of our features are built around showing what’s going on with your device in real-time, not other devices.

You can use our free trial then let us know if you have any questions here, or email me

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thanks for narrowing it down, i’ll give GlassWire a try.

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I use both GlassWire and have a Fing box. I may be naive, but see them as providing separate layers of security.


i was thinking about that, i might stick with both because. why the hell not.

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