Is the VirusTotal feature not available in Free Version?


I just started using Glasswire again after switching back to Windows after using Linux for awhile and this had to be one of the apps I need to download and use due to using it in the past and thought it was very impressive. I noticed that on your Faq page it says that "The free version of GlassWire includes its extreme network monitoring functionality where you can see your live and past network activity in detail.You can also set Data Alerts to stay under your data limits, and scan your network related apps with VirusTotal. " I just downloaded and installed the free version and it says I have to “Unlock” the Virus Total feature. Is this not part of the free version anymore? Thanks!


VirusTotal is free. Click the “lock”, that’s just a Windows Admin lock from the OS, not a feature lock that requires payment.

Alright, will have to enable it then. Thank you!