Is there a Network tab log? O the history in alert has more details somewhere?

Hi. This is my first post here and I’m sorry for bringing a problem, but let me tell you all that I liked too much this program and intend to help others here as I manage to be good at the amazing experience it provides. Let’s go:

After I installed, I switched directly to network tab because I had the urge to see which devices were connected to my network. And then I saw three of them called “Apple”, and the problem is that I have two apple devices (a macbook and an ipad). So I started to wonder, WHO WAS the third Apple device? The problem is that it was fast… the third one vanished… went away… and… now, i just need the macaddress, ip or some info to check if it was my macbook or ipad with other connection or if it was really someone from outside.

So: where can I get this info that vanished from network tab? a connection that was disconnected today? I tried the Alerts tab but nothing.



You have a very good point. The “alerts” tab shows when new unknown devices join and keeps their info if you have that setting on, but if you don’t have that on we don’t keep logs.

Go to your settings and check the box to show when new unknown devices connect and if the devices connects again you should get an alert with details.

Sorry for the problem.

Just spitballing here, but IPhones have shown up on my network tab as “Apple” in the past.