ISP usage differs from Glasswire

I have radio broadband now installed and my ISP shows me using well over 32G per month where Glasswire shows more like 4G. We do almost no streaming and no gaming. I am not that tech savvy and the ISP has been no help as they do not recognise Glasswire. Please can someone give me some advice? I have Googled and tried to figure out a solution every way I can.


GlassWire can only monitor the devices it is installed on and currently GlassWire only works on Windows PCs. Do you have other devices on your WiFi or network that could be using data besides your PC?

GlassWire’s “network” tab can show you the list of devices on your network if you’re a paid user, but it does not show the data used by those devices unless they are other PCs with GlassWire installed on them. In that case you should turn on GlassWire’s remote monitoring that looks like this