Just bought Glasswire Pro thinking it would work on mac

How long until my glasswire pro will work for Mac?

I found quite a few answers by searching the forums for ‘mac’ as well as site:google.com mac.

I’d post the links but I’m too frosh here. :slight_smile: One of the more recent answers is in the post titled ‘Is there a version for mac’ and includes a solution for subscribing to the Mac e-mail notification list.

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The most recent update indicated sometime later in 2019:

The instructions to find the mailing list:


Our Mac version is not out yet.

Please email me for a refund if you would like one.

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Thanks Ken. I emailed you re: partial refund. Can you recommend a comparable product that would work for my fleet of Macs.


I don’t seem to see your email yet at our helpdesk.

Please click on my nickname here in the forum and choose “message” and send me a message with your order email.

GlassWire is kind of unique so I’m not sure what is similar on Mac currently. Alternativeto.net is a popular website.

You could try these for MacOS apps: (Paid) Littlesnitch from obdev and (Free) KnockKnock.app from objective-see.

Greetings from :ok_hand: Salterns Lane.