KB or KiB Toggle

My ISP has a bandwidth monitoring page, and It uses 1000 MB per GB measurement, but I’ve noticed GlassWire uses 1024 MB to GB, and as data grows causes large differences between the program and website, it would be nice if you could switch it to use different sizes, either a toggle between 1000 and 1024, or a custom input.

Great idea. Thanks for your feedback.

Is this for Windows or Android?

Windows Claro (eso quiero pensar). Para celular, al menos yo no le veo mucha utilidad.
Así podríamos tener un control un poco mejor.

Yo a la semana gasto como mas de 100gb en celular xD. En pc no se diga :p…

Windows mainly, but I think it would be great for both

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Thanks! We’ll keep this in mind.

Meanwhile we released a major Android update today.