Keeping Tabs on Internet bill

Hi, I super enjoy and love Glasswire. It’s a neet applicette for my computer.

I have a question though; I will do my best to articulate it in a way that the question is clear and not misunderstood.

I want to keep track of my usage. Each month it seems I’m going over 250gb, and that might be the case. However, I am not sure if my network provider is being honest.

So here’s what I’ve got. 4 computers, Ive shut down all internet usage on each device, and I do most of all system updates manually, or over network shared.

I have several small tablet/phone devices. A network Printer, and a smart TV.

I let the smart TV autoupdate, but it usually does an update once a week no more than about 25-80mb.

So I know somethings up. Before I just let everything do what it wants with the data, but now that I’m capped out, ive taken all of these measures.

So not that I’ve explained my set up; briefly; Heres the actual question.

I see here in glasswire that I have the option to track all the data that is comeing in and out of the network either locally, or over the web.

So, is that strictly the data packages up and down from this one computer, or am I tracking all of my computers collectively? I would like to collectively see all the data usage on my homenetwork on one glasswire panel.

I am not sure if that is the case because I have been shutting down the primary PC periodically.

We’re working on investigating ways to track all network activity, but unfortunately we can’t do that yet. Currently GlassWire can only track network activity of devices it’s installed on and currently GlassWire is only available for Windows only.

You can track multiple Windows devices using GlassWire’s remote access feature then go to the “Usage” tab to get alerted when you hit your data limit.

While I also have requested that Glasswire eventually be able to monitor traffic throughput at the router level, I don’t expect that soon. I do watch all my Windows machines with Remote Monitor, that still only covers a subset of my subnet devices. When Android is supported, that will cover most things, but still not my smart tv and and my av controller.

The only way to get good overall full throughput info today is by using whatever utilities your router manufacturer provides. Netgear, Linksys and others offer some great utilities – others not so much.

My internet provider requires the use of their own router (which is outdated and VERY limited for monitoring) as their gateway. I use my own Netgear router as the only device connected to that gateway to manage traffic info. Between my ISPs website (limited), my Netgear router and Glasswire I can manage most of what I want.

There are limitations. In recent days, my ISP and Netgear agree that I have used about 1 GB a day. (You are fortunate to have 250 GB / month! My limit is 30 GB/mon.) But Glasswire on my two main Win10 machines says I have only used about .3 GB each (note that you must today manually collate the Remote Monitor info). What is using the remaining .4 is unknown as yet, but I suspect it’s hidden in my Android devices.

Like you, having Glasswire on all my subnet devices and being able to collate this information would be a tremendous help.

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