Keyboard stops working when Glasswire is active

For some time I had a new problem in that I’d be typing in say…a browser. I’d go to a different application and the typing would not show. Go back to browser and it would not show. I had to wait up to 3 minutes each time after moving from one app to another before my typing would appear.
It also affects the ability to connect to wireless devices.

I reinstalled Windows 10 which did not solve it.
I got a new keyboard and mouse which did not resolve it.
And returning a computer and getting a replacement did not solve it.

Now I’ve discovered by accident that the problems only occur when Glasswire is running. When I shut it down the problem disappears.
I’ve spent all morning rebooting with Glasswire running, and shutting it down and the problem only ever occurs when Glasswire is running.

So firstly, who had also had a similar problem and Glasswire, are you aware of this?

Glasswire Basic, v2.0.112


GlassWire doesn’t interact with keyboards.

When this problem happens what does your PC resource usage look like? Is GlassWire maxing out your PC somehow and is that causing your keyboard to slow down?

I’ve not checked resource usage tbh. It’s a baffling problem but am running with a different firewall at the moment and all is ok

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