Kill switch with VPN

Hi, I would like to achieve a Kill Switch with Glasswire - because my VPN client does not offer that functionality. Therefore when e.g. in a public network I would like to select another Firewall profile which blocks all traffic which is not tunneled through the VPN. So fasr as I learned this is not possible with Glasswire???

I don’t quite understand: do you prefer to use Glasswire with some other firewall software? I thought Glasswire was enough to block all the traffic that is not tunneled through VPN…

When I am out of office connected to untrusted networks, I need to assure that all network/internet traffic is routed through a VPN connection. Often a VPN connection is unintentionally interrupted. In that case all network/internet traffic should be blocked. Some VPN clients offer that functionality called Kill Switch. But I would like to control that myself by the firewall software.


I do not believe that glass wire will fit your needs in this situation, as it cannot detect when your VPN traffic gets cut off. Although glassware does offer a full block traffic option it would only be activated when you turn it on. This is not something that can automatically detect the issue you are trying to prevent from leaking traffic.

Hope this helps

Yes of course GlassWire could. e.g. GlassWire could block all traffic which does not target to a defined IP address (==IP Address of the VPN Server). If this rule could easily be toggled on/off it would be sufficient

It may be technically possible to make GlassWire work as a kill switch, but I don’t think we’d try to do this. There are too many different VPN providers with different technologies and if our killswitch failed to work I think many customers would be very upset with us.

Since we don’t control the VPN or the technology it uses it would be extremely difficult or more likely impossible to create a reliable killswitch.