Korean translate error

This is Japanese, not Korean.

update plz asap

i can help you about translate.


I will fix it. Could you post the correct phrase it should be?

Provide me english word.
I will translate it into appropriate Korean


Look up DNS names for hosts (nslookup)



With the firewall screenshot you show the text should be:

Blocked Apps

Active Apps

Inactive Apps

Look up DNS names for hosts (nslookup) = ν˜ΈμŠ€νŠΈμ— λŒ€ν•œ DNS 이름 쑰회 or DNS 쑰회
Blocked Apps = μ°¨λ‹¨λœ μ•±
Active Apps = ν™œμ„± μ•±
Inactive Apps = λΉ„ν™œμ„± μ•±



Thank you very much!

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