LAN not showing in Windows Explorer

I have just installed GlassWire 1.2.102 on Win 7 HP SP1 x64, and I’m using it without WIndows Firewall. I’m behind a NAT router, and have several devices attached, either CAT5 or wireless.

I noticed as soon as I installed that the Network entry on WinExp became empty. This matters because I have no mapped drives: all LAN work is done by clicking on an entry in WinExp.

It has become a real problem though, as GlassWire is reporting Dropbox traffic to this desktop from an offspring’s lappy, and AFAIK this traffic should not be happening.

What do I have to do to get my Network entry populated again?

Apart from that, GW is looking to be a very useful tool.

Perhaps I don’t understand correctly but Dropbox does use LAN traffic if it is allowed to do so in its settings. Are you saying that GlassWire is showing that incorrectly or what exactly is incorrect with GlassWire?

About WinEXP, GlassWire should make no changes to that and does not interact with it.

Sorry for any confusion.

Hi Servo - thanks for the reply.

I did not know that Dropbox uses LAN traffic, and I am sure I’ll have to put a stop to that.

As for the empty network display… I gave up last night and uninstalled GW, then rolled back to the last restore point. This morning I reinstalled GW, but hacked the registry to %user%/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Run. Now the network populates the WinExp display. I had used Programs/Startup yesterday, and maybe that had side-effects.

This is a multi-user box, and it is essential that all users have GW running. Normally this would be one user at a time, but this is a family, so it is common to “Switch Users”. It is also common for any user to be switched out–or in–for extended periods.

I guess that must be my dev suggstion to the team: multi-user, “Install for all users”. Please?

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