Languages settings lost

Hi all.

Yesterday I installed a new licensed version 1.1.7b on my laptop, win7 64.
Something has gone wrong, replacing an old free version: first I uninstalled the old one, then installed the new but probably the old version was still running in background, so I switched off the pc, then I repeated the installation process.

Surprisingly when I used again the laptop this morning all settings were lost, and the languages were no still available.

Tried to install again, but process hangs, please note that before starting to install I switched off the app choosing “exit” once right click on GW icon on the app bar.

Please find here enlcosed the snapshot

The symptoms you describe are typical of registry corruption due to the stoppage of an installation due to human error or a power supply failure during installation . Your next step is to remove Glasswire completely from your PC -both versions and then re-install the one you want. Download Everything and run through it to see if you have removed all traces of Glasswire as most uninstall programs dont uninstall everything. It also means you will need to go into the registry and remove any traces there before installing again. I post on HTG and one poster complained of a similar thing on his PC as he cut off installation halfway through leaving him with a process problem and trusted installer keeping on trying to install.