Latest Glasswire release contains virus?

Just updated to newest Glasswire after being notified by a program popup, and directed to the website to download. After the update, GlassWire started using a lot of CPU power and my computer immediately started uploading data to somewhere at 44MB/s and it says almost 11 GB of data was transferred before I rebooted my computer to stop it. I ran Malwarebytes Anti-malware scanner and it flagged the Glasswire download as “PUP.RiskWare.Patcher”, nothing else on my computer was flagged… As for the uploaded data, Glasswire just says the traffic type is “other” and the app is openvpn.exe, which is just my VPN connection, with host being my VPN IP address so it did not originate from there…

We do have a false positive for McAfee that I have already reported to them but Malwarebytes doesn’t seem to show anything in

Could you try upgrading Malwarebytes to its latest definitions?

After you removed GlassWire did you also see this major bandwidth usage? Also, did you see what host openvpn.exe was communicating with? That might give a clue to what was happening. GlassWire could never transfer 11GB of data.

Thank you for your report.