Legibility and font size

I find the characters too small. With no way to Zoom, I must use a magnifying glass to read. Am I missing something?

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Please email our helpdesk a screenshot and we’ll investigate if it’s a big. Sorry for the problem.

I just installed GlassWire today and it has the same problem on my Win7 64bit with a 1080P monitor, where I set my system DPI to 140%

It hurts my eyes and I’d buy it immediately if the font size can be enlarged!

Another thumbs down for UI font size. I should be able to read the info at a glance without having to labor over it. Seems like useful software but only for someone with better eyes.

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I agree.

The issue for me is the combination of small font size and low contrast (colored gray). The updating usage message was the worst. The alert descriptions are another example.

The problem is more obvious on small (16" or smaller) screens displaying FullHD (1920x1080). I don’t have any issue at 1600x900 or smaller.