License features - longer history without going elite

Hello GlassWire and fellow users,

I’m really interested in buying GW and already found the answer to “can you upgrade your license?” However, There are still a few things that haven’t pulled me across the line:

  1. History: I’d love to have a longer history, but don’t need a license for 10 computers. Does GW envision an option to fine-tune your license? I know it makes the licensing a bit more complex, but I’d love to get unlimited history and 2 or 3 pc keys.

  2. I noticed some topic saying that a large history can lead to some issues. Couldn’t it be possible for paying users to create some kind of export of the history? I’d love to have my hands on the raw data in some kind of csv or xml format. This would kind of make my first question obsolete, but I’m just spouting ideas in general.

I’ll get a basic license for now and see how it goes. I might contact support for an upgrade later on.


Thanks for posting!

  1. We have no plans to change the licensing at this time but we’ll consider your feedback and think about it for the future.

  2. This problem is temporary and doesn’t exist for most users. We’ll have an update out this month that should fix this problem permanently for everyone. The main users with this problem are heavy Bittorrent users.

You can email us and we’ll help you upgrade your license. It’s no problem. Thanks for buying basic!

Hi Ken, thanks for responding. I’m currently discovering the features I got with the basic version. Looking forward to future updates.

The only thing I noticed so far was the little overlay graph to go back to the default position after booting, but that’ll be for a different post in the other section.