License info? Cannot find the original email


I cannot find my original email for my license, I’m trying to install to a new machine.


Our contact page is linked from every page of our website under “support” in the footer.

I will find your code and email it to you now if it’s associated with your forum email. If not please email me.

I was able to find your order and I emailed you. Please check your spam folder if you don’t see my email.

Wow, that was fast.
Thank you for your support!

Yes, account email address is correct.

As for the contacts, I guess that’s my fault, I have FireFox in lock down mode.
Sometimes, I am amazed it works at all…

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I’m glad you got the license. Sorry for any confusion and thanks for using GlassWire.

Oh, I think I have used it from the start.
It’s one of my must have apps.

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I have the activation key but I cannot place it why


Do you use a Mac or Windows? Please go to the top left GlassWire menu after installing it, then choose “activate” then paste in your code.

Sorry for any confusion. If you still can’t get it working please email me so I can help you personally.