License questions

  1. What happens with the license when I reinstall my windows? Can I simply reactivate it? If so is it unlimited activation’s?

  2. Is license transferable? In other words, does 1 PC mean 1 physical PC where license binds to its configuration or motherboard or it means like 1 PC at a time so in this case I would be able to switch around my license.

I think these things are important to be clarified and should have been clarified on the sales page as these details are detrimental. Sorry if I missed it tho, if this information is disclosed then it certainly is not easy to find.



Thanks for considering upgrading to a paid version of GlassWire!

  1. Yes, you can simply reactivate it. However if you go to the top left GlassWire menu you can choose “deactivate” to make sure you release the license before reinstalling.

  2. You can switch it around to different PCs, but please “deactivate” first if you can.

If you run into a license problem because your PC crashed or if you forgot to deactivate then you can email us so we can quickly reset your code.