Licensing on Virtual Machines

Bran new user of Glasswire, really like what I see. I signed up for Elite for multiple PC support. My question is.
I use Virtual Machines and use the Snapshot feature to roll back ( and around) to different snaps. If I roll back to a point when I had a free license I see the upgrade option. If I upgrade a Snapshot machine will it count against my quota?


Thanks for buying Elite!

Please go to the top left menu and choose “deactivate” to release the license before making changes to hardware, or moving to new hardware. It depends on the VM type, but it should solve the issue if you do that.

If you have a problem just email us the code and we’ll help you.

Thanks for follow up and response

License issue No.2
I recently installed a new router (or at least tried to). After failing back to old router and restarting I see Glasswire asking me to upgrade. As this is my primary machine I had no choice but to blow another activation. Am I suppose to deactivate Glasswire every time I make any kind of network change as i intent to change to a new router?

Sorry for the issue.

No, GlassWire’s activation shouldn’t work that way at all. You can move your PC to any network and it shouldn’t ever cause any activation issues.

Are you using any “cleaning” software? If so please white list the programdata/glasswire folder.

Are you using another firewall software, or are you making GlassWire block itself with its own firewall?