Likes to just freeze after the update

So now every time I start up glasswire after the latest update, it freezes up and is not usable. I’ve restarted my pc and ran glasswire in safe mode w/ networking too. Don’t know what’s up. Maybe it’s the stored data? I have half a tb of usage this month so that could be it, idk. :confused: I really love glasswire other than this recent problem.

What version of GlassWire are you using? Please go to the top left GlassWire menu and choose “About” and give me the version number.

Do you see any error message when it freezes?

I can’t check the version because it just freezes :expressionless:
I don’t see an error message, it just doesn’t respond.

By freeze, I mean when it starts up, it doesn’t respond.

We can’t help if you can’t give us any details at all
The only thing you can do is uninstall it and then reinstall the program again and see if the problem persists
download it from here

Which is exactly what I did the other day. That’s what broke it. Did you read the original post?

I did read it but I forget to write that First fully uninstall it and then go to C:\ProgramData\ and there you will find a Glasswire folder
delete that folder and restart the computer

Then install the latest version and restart your pc now see if the problem persist or not

Just did that and after a few minutes it still happens. Must have something to do with the storage of the traffic info maybe?

Plz tell us does Event view captures any error when Glasswire fezzes up
if we find the error we can find the solution too

John, please be patient with us – we’re working completely in the dark and you have not yet given any concrete info except that (we think) Glasswire is freezing after your new install. In the last post you made, you said “after a few minutes it still happens”. Does that mean that Glasswire did start and run for a few minutes before “freezing”? Specifically, what release are you running? The GlasswireSetup app that does the install also states the release number. If you have a few minutes after a new install, you should be able to go to the About window and verify the release. Next time you install, during the install, please click on “Show Details” and watch the install process – get a screen capture if you can.

Also, what OS are you running on and what type of computer? Is your Glasswire client the only machine or do you have remote monitoring of other Glasswire machines activated?

If Glasswire is freezing, please open Task Manager before next starting it and watch the Process information. Is Glasswire using a huge resource at the time it freezes?

As RaidenRoy said, any info you can provide or devise a way to capture would be helpful.

I had the same problem, ha to re-install the entire thing.

Can’t specify now when i’ve already re-installed. But it was after i pressed “download update now” or alike after that it went freeze mode any time i tried to toggle up glasswire.

@silverfang Maybe this helps? GlassWire upgrade alert - Trouble updating to the latest version (1.2.64b)? Click here!