Limited Vision problems

Hi everyone; I have limited vision which is making glasswire almost impossible to use for me. I even bought it and it still is bad. I can’t change the font and there’s no black font or adjusting for the size. That’s why I’m here for help. I’m on a limited data plan which started last July. My data has been disappearing in five days every month since July and I’m allotted 20 GB, which is ridiculous usuage in a few days. I just got a refill of data and the internet provider says we’ve used over 5 GB in two days. We did have a guest here over night so that might have upped it a bit. Glasswire says we used 2.4 GB, partly do to an extra I pad overnight. Can anyone tell me anything about how to fix this short of calling them? I’m retired and get taken advantage of alot and I’m sick to death of it. In other words, my provider is saying I’ve already used 30% of 20 GB in two days. I have 71% left. Impossible. Any help at all is greatly appreciated. Thank you all. I’m pretty sure I have two firewalls going. Is that a factor? The only good thing is there isn’t a cutoff. We run on about 3 mbps download for the rest of the month.


Our 2.0 update should help with font sizes and colors, depending on your monitor type.

What all devices do you have on your network?

Here are some changes you can make to Windows itself to help save your data usage:

Saving Data with Windows
GlassWire for Windows has a built-in data limit warning that’s free to use. Go to the top left GlassWire menu and choose “settings” then choose the security tab, then click bandwidth overage monitor in the options. Next enter the amount of data you are allotted and GlassWire will warn you before you hit your limit. Please note GlassWire can only monitor the data for the device it’s stored on, unless you’re using our remote access feature.

Most people don’t know, but Windows has some bandwidth saving features built into the operating system that are easy to activate and start using right away.

The first thing you can do is turn on the built in Windows 10 metered connection option. This disables significant apps and updates from automatically starting without warning you.

Go to Start/Settings/Network & Internet/Wi-Fi/your connection name, then switch on the metered connection feature.

The next thing you can do is turn off the Windows background apps. Go to Settings/Privacy/Background apps, then switch off any apps you don’t need that are running in the background and potentially using your data.

Microsoft OneDrive also uses data. Go to the Windows task manager by right clicking the taskbar, then find the startup tab. Choose “Microsoft OneDrive” then right click it and disable it from starting up.
Also, just like with Chrome for Android you can use a Windows web browser that restricts your data usage. Chrome has a data saving app made by Google that’s in the Chrome store, but some of the reviews complain that the extension tracks your browsing.

The Windows Opera web browser can also compress your data and save you a lot of bandwidth. Give it a try, it’s free.

You may want to also consider using an Adblocker for your browser like Ghostery or Disconnect. Ads use a large amount of data unfortunately.

These changes along with GlassWire should help you save a significant amount of data with your Windows PC.

Sorry - but in v2.x, there is still no option to change the Font size or color. I even emailed them about it saying I was disappointed to not see it, and they said they would consider it for a future update. This is common in many applications, not sure why Glasswire can’t provide these basic options.


GlassWire V2 should pick up and choose the correct font size depending on your display settings. However, I see how this is a problem for some so we’re looking at adding our own separate setting.