Linux / Mac OS support, please


I think keeping the name the same is key for your brand, don’t dilute it.

Long time Little Snitch user here, love seeing that there is finally something similar for Windows!

I’m curious what you meant by "We are working on something for Mac, but it won’t be anything like Little Snitch."
Meaning it will have the same feature set for Mac as it is for Windows?

The one feature I like about Little Snitch is being able to create rules for specific apps and limiting them to specific ports and limited time.

If one owned the “Elite” package of your software, would that cover any future OS (OSX & Linux) versions? Or would those be separate licenses?

Thanks! Great start to what looks to be an awesome product!


We’re still in the early stages so we aren’t sure about how the licenses will work, etc… but thanks for your feedback. We’ll check out the features you talk about in Little Snitch.


Great, it will be interesting to see what you think and if it’s possible to implement.

I do think it’s unfortunate that you don’t know how the licensing works. I have a need for this for one Windows box, but could use this for quite a few macs. I honestly can’t see spending $200 to get unlimited history for one computer. However if the license worked across the eventual release for OSX, I could easily see the value in the Elite package.


I agree completely. The name Glasswire is already an excellent one. No need to reinvent the wheel here…stick with what’s already working. Just bring the product to Mac and Linux and people will come.


A Linux version would be great - as to the arsenal of Linux tools!


I suggest keeping the GlassWire name for the software on any platform but signify the different platform products by appending a second name.

For the Mac, I suggest adding Gillie or Ghilly which is a specific type of attendant in Scotland. This fits the Scottish origin of the word Macintosh. As an aside, most of us think the Apple Macintosh was related to Mr Mackintosh’s raincoat but it was named after an apple variety (get the link?) developed by a Scottish-Canadian (born in New York), John McIntosh. Apple changed the name by adding the A to avoid conflict with an organization with that name.

Gillie/Ghilly/Gilly is an excellent fit for your product because it describes four attributes of GlassWire:

  • assist landowner
  • prevent poaching
  • control predators, and
  • monitor property (land, flora and fauna) health

a gamekeeper employed by a landowner to prevent poaching on his lands, control unwelcome natural predators such as fox or otter and monitor the health of the wildlife.

That name would be my personal preference for a cross-platform product range except for one thing, it has no obvious link to network monitoring. So retaining GlassWire is worthwhile for that reason alone.

Continuing with the same theme you could differentiate other platform products in the same way by using other words for similar roles. They’re usually prefixed with Game e.g. Game Warden:
GlassWire Warden, e.g. for Windows
GlassWire Keeper
GlassWire Ranger


I have to say, Remah, that your comment,

Gillie/Ghilly/Gilly is an excellent fit for your product because it describes four attributes of GlassWire:
•assist landowner
•prevent poaching
•control predators, and
•monitor property (land, flora and fauna) health

is an amusing stroke of genius!



Please add me as another person that wants a Apple Mac version of GlassWire. Has there been any progress on a Mac version? When might we see a Mac version?


We have started development and we hope to release something in the Fall.


I don’t even use Apple products and this makes me happy! :grin:


From reading the thread I see you’ve started development on a Mac version, since Mac OS X and Linux are similar in that they are both unix-like operating systems will there be any development for Linux? I really love glasswire but I have stopped using windows. While there are plenty of Linux firewall solutions none of them give you the detail like GlassWire does for windows.


@Flat Hopefully someday we can make a Linux version, but Mac will come first.


Understandable as a company you’d want to develop for the platform with the most potential customers, but I’m glad to hear that you’d at least like to make a Linux version at some point. Which is a lot more than can be said for many other companies. Great software, keep up the good work etc. :slight_smile:


Yes I have a Mac and I was interested in Glasswire when the Beta come out this fall?


We hope to have something available this Fall, thanks!


Instead of saying “Fall”, tell us the month or quarter of the year. Those of us who live in the Southern Hemisphere have different seasons than the Northern Hemisphere.


@remah Probably October-December of this year hopefully.


a LInux version software wise wouldnt be too hard on most Unix based versions.

Like on Debain you could use UFW to do all the work (like you do on windows with the WF API & just script the rules in via command line in the background would ve Great but would get the user some functionality


Sorry to wake up an old thread, but I am a long time “Little Snitch” user on the Mac platform, and a brand new Glasswire user on the Windows 7 platform.

I must say that I am VERY impressed with Glasswire. I would gladly purchase it for both the Mac and Linux platforms. As great as Little Snitch has been on the Mac, Glasswire puts it to shame.


Windows user here. I absolutely love your products and can’t wait for the aforementioned new releases - specifically, a linux-based version. Here’s why: I work on my pc everyday but also have a smal raspberry pi based touchscreen pc that I mostly multitask on (calendar, uploading stuff, programming, media center, etc.). Having a smaller client of Glasswire running there all the time would be nice to check on network flow at a glance. I’m sure there aren’t many people out there with this kind of setup, but making it possible would be amazing.