List of Things: sharing between PCs

Just installed GW Pro on three PCs on my home network and then spent considerable time on one going through the Things list and customizing/itemizing it to make it easier to spot devices at a glance. I’d like to be able to share that customization with the other PCs running GW Pro and not have to duplicate that work. I do not see an obvious way to do that, however. One would think this would be a feature sought after in our current home-networked environment, no?

Anyone have a solution for this or is it in development?


Thanks for your feedback on making it easier to share settings between devices.

Meanwhile, perhaps this can help a bit GlassWire user guide and manual.

Do you mean to suggest that I can put the Glasswire database somewhere on my always-on NAS, for example, and let each of my PCs use it from there?

No, I thought maybe you could just move the settings after setting it up at one of the PCs.

We also have remote monitoring though if that helps: GlassWire user guide and manual