Lite question question

so it seems to be the case that glasswire lite gets updated along with glasswire full, with the exception that it is lite in terms of host collection? Is there any salient feature other than host tracking that lite does not have?


Thanks for trying GlassWire Lite. Here is a detailed Blog post about our Lite version. Introducing GlassWire Lite! | GlassWire Blog

Yes, GlassWire Lite always gets updated with our normal full GlassWire version.

The detailed host tracking is the only salient feature GlassWire Lite doesn’t have, but it still does show some hosts on the firewall tab, and in “ask to connect” windows and with “new” connections. Hosts are not completely absent with GlassWire Lite.

GlassWire Lite can be downloaded here Download Firewall Software by GlassWire on the lower left side of the web page.