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I just wrote an article for our Blog about living without Adobe Flash. Please check it out and give me your feedback.

Interesting! I was under the impression that Google got rid of Flash in many of its products like the Nexus line and has switched to HTML 5.0 which has the libraries for running video.

You are correct. I don’t think any of the Google mobile products have Flash, but Google Chrome does have Flash built in. Since Google Chrome is sandboxed and since it automatically updates in the background it may be safer to use than Adobe Flash. You should set it to “Click to play” though.


They do bundle flash in the desktop browser, but not on mobile. Up until Android 5.0, (4.4 and below) you could install flash by sideloading and using the stock browser, opera, or dolphin.

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Correct, I think Flash for mobile isn’t used much anymore if at all.

well i just read ur blog and my views on that are
not all websites use html 5.0 many websites still use flash player and now u will say chrome already have flash built in but sometimes chrome does not respond at all or hang itself or it has any other problems. in that case we have to use any other browser to use flash based websites.
so i will say use flash player for backup plan

Yes, keeping Flash with a “click to play” plugin may be OK, but it’s important to update it often!

SO THAT’s why im saying we can’t fully uninstall flash. we have to use flash for older websites that dont use html 5.0

Flash is basically unsafe day to day more parts of it are open to exploit by hackers . I have removed Flash-Macromedia-Shockwave from my PC . Its amazing how many places it resides in in your programming and registry. Do I miss it Nope ! not when it lessens my PC from being attacked , its one less thing to worry about . I dont mind waiting for html 5.0 to be universally used.

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well it depends just how many websites u visit in one day
if u are just a normal user then its okay for u to not to use flash

3 days ago Adobe "hoisted the white flag " ie=those using Adobe Flash Player and its derivatives should contact them if they find any open doors to malware . The direct website URL and registrar the problem there.