Local Host With A Flag

Hello, good afternoon. I have a software that is blocked in my glasswire, but sometimes, it says that it sent/received some data to the local host, but there is a flag.

what does this mean?I need to block this software but that flag makes me think that its not being blocked 100%.

Thank you.

The flag shows it is trying to reach a UK IP address. GlassWire resolves the IP it is trying to reach and shows the geographic location of the server by flag.

Hello Ken. But, did it reach the IP in UK?


I’m not sure. Were you in “Ask to connect” mode, or what mode were you in when this connection happened? Did you allow/deny the connection if you were in “Ask to connect” mode?

Hello. No, it was already blocked. Also, I cleaned the history. I was in ask to connect, and I denied the connection when it asked.

Do you see a “New” connection for this application under “Alerts”? And during this “new” date were you in “Ask to connect” mode?

If you are in Ask to connect and you press “deny” then there will be no “new” alert and the app will not access the network.

I deleted the history some days ago, but probably there was an alert from that application.
I always was on ask to connect.

Yes, I suppose that pressing deny should block all connections, but that flag makes me wonder what happened.

I will ask to see if there is a way to get a flag without a connection, but to me it looks like there was a connection.

Thank you. Please let me know, this is really important for me. In fact, this is the reason why I bought glasswire.


We were discussing your case and we had some questions. We have never seen something like this happen before.

Could you email us a screenshot with the remote host details?

Also, are you sure you were not in Click to block mode at some point and thisis an old connection? Can you see the date of when it occurred and are you 100% sure you were in “Ask to connect”?

Is it possible that you installed this application that you thought was leaking into different folders twice? So you may have blocked one but other application is still allowed?