Local vs external traffic and things tab

According to GW I have ZERO local traffic or about 99.9999998% is external. Among this traffic/usage is a server that is listed under “things”-tab. I thought “things”-tab lists all local (traffic) devices.

Is there a way to classify what should be considered as local or is it simply according to IP? Our local IP-range is NOT 192.168.x.x (by choice).

Also very often I find a dump-file on my desktop. From research in the forum it is from GW (after a crash maybe). Is this considered as normal behavior for GW? Can I define a different path somewhere within the software? Thx.

Sorry for the issue.

If you go to our “Usage” tab, what are your settings?

The settings are like in your picture. I also read the other topics about “local vs external”. It seems the cause is always similar. Traffic between PCs/Servers/etc. should be checked against stuff on your things list. I imagine it is more complicated than that, because there is always some sort of relay to communicate to the outside/internet. No idea how to split that apart/differentiate.

Thanks for your feedback on matching up local traffic with “Things”.

Local traffic hosts will always have a blue flag with lines through it in case that’s helpful for your local traffic search situation.


My local server has the American flag (1. image) and no blue lines. Anything else I can do to correct this behavior or do I have to wait for an update?


Is it an IPv6 IP address or IPv4?

Any IP address in a range allocated to private networks should be treated as local.

So is the server IP address in a private network range or not?

the local network is IPv4

According to your link it is not.

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Thanks for your report. If you feel comfortable doing so please email me a screenshot and include a link to this thread. Contact GlassWire

You can also click on my name here in the forum to send me a screenshot via a forum private message.