Log important timeclock change?

When sneaking around the reason of my DNS changing (here), I’ve tampered the clock of my computer to trigger the renew of the lease (OK I could have done it with ipconfig /renew), and I was, maybe wrongly, expected to see an alert in GlassWire (GW), like I see for hosts file modification. There was none.

Man would reply that GW is only monitoring network changes. Yep ! But maybe this would give the reason why a network config suddently changes (NTP and DHCP server spoofed, allowing to renew leasing with crafted config…).

Well on my own, I would find useful to trigger an alert if date is modified for more than a configurable value… let’s say 60 seconds (that should cover a whole day time drift, between 2 calls of the NTP server ?)

My 2 cents ! :slight_smile:

I didn’t know the computer clock had anything to do with network changes. Interesting info.