Logfiles in OS root-dir

Since the latest update (2.2.201), GlassWire writes logfiles (.log) to my OS rootdir C:. Filesize is 0. Does this make any sense, or how can I stop GlassWire from cluttering up my root?



Are you using our beta, or our final 2.2 version? Did you test our beta at one point?

I tested the free version (no beta). After purchase, I installed the standard download version and did a normal update for 2.2, no beta (as far as I know).


I will ask our team about it and get back to you. Thanks!

Our QA is now investigating this. We’re preparing an update and if we find it’s a bug we’ll see if we can fix it in the next update.

Additional info:
when I try to delete the file with the current date ‘yyyymmdd’ as filename, I get this message (translated from German):
Cannot complete action, file is opened in GlassWire Computer Idle Monitor.

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With v. 2.2.210, the problem mentioned above is gone.

Thank you.


Yes, thanks for reporting this issue! I meant to follow up and let you know the issue is solved.