Logging firewall Traffic

Is there a way to view historical data? For example if I wanted to audit the traffic from a couple days ago, can I pull a log report? If I can, is there any way I can change the destination folder? Appreciate any help. I’m currently using Comodo Internet security Suite and would like to make the jump on several workstations to Glasswire, but I really need the ability to audit traffic logs.


Thank you for your feedback. We currently offer no way to export data or make the logs like you are requesting but we hope to add this functionality in the future.

You can go back and forth in time in the “graph” window and under the “alerts” tab, but we have no way to export this data currently.

Oh okay, too bad. I love the user interface and the simplicity of blocking apps, but not being able to search historical data is a deal breaker. Any idea of when you guys will have that feature?

I’m not sure, but we have had other people request this so hopefully this year sometime. We’ll release our major 2.0 update first then try to add this feature later.

Maybe you can describe in detail what you require from this feature to help us implement it properly (if you have some time). Thanks!

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I know personally speaking, I would love to be able to get the network data and be able to import it into a SIEM or logging tool like Splunk (my personal use and recommendation). There are more round about ways of doing all of this but it is either heavy on the disc or takes up a lot of resources. Glasswire is so clean and light.

An example would be exposing the history information that you use in the “Usage” tab. It holds up to 1 month of data so that tells me something somewhere is holding this information. To be able to parse through that information would be extremely helpful.

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Thanks for your feedback. We’ll check out those tools and see if we can implement something similar with GlassWire or allow exporting in their format.

We really want to add “search” also.

An option to export as (.csv) or a .(.txt) file would be much appriciated.

Data packet size, source, receiver, time, and any other relevant feilds could fall under the columns section as parameters.

and the data could be logged in each row per packet size or per minute (whichever is more efficient to implement).

Thanks for your time!

here is a quick template for the output: googledrive/open?id=0B0dnBZ8T-_jlSTJoMER5TWJzdnM

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