Logging on Android?

Is there already a way to see which connections are being dropped? I’ve disabled a pile of bloat on one of my samsung tablets. Certain features won’t work under the profile I’ve created and I’m trying to enable only what is required I haven’t found a log to show what is being dropped when I attempt to use something that is not working and I cant see which of the blocked apps are triggered. Have I missed something or is this a feature that could be added?

The only other thing I’d like to see (and I’m not even sure its possible) is a way to use a VPN app when needed where Glasswire would be gracefully disconnected, the VPN app would make its connection, and once I’ve shut down the tunnel, Glasswire would automatically resume the firewall VPN. Can this even be done? I assume that would have been done already if it could but I figured I’d mention it.

Thanks! This is a great app!

@Slarty I might be missing something here, but what do you mean by “connections being dropped?” Glasswire provides visibility and exploration into network activity by applications and traffic types.

Further, I’m confused by your quest for “a log to show what is being dropped when I attempt to use something that is not working.”

Also, FWIW your second paragraph is such a distinctly different topic, it might be worth it to post it separately. Although it doesn’t seem likely that Glasswire would have control over a VPN (at least, if that VPN’s permissions or the overarching Android permissions had anything to say about it).


Thanks for your feedback!

If an app is blocked then all connections should be blocked 100%. The connections should be blackholed into the device itself. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_hole_(networking) Sometimes our app will show the app is using a little data even when blocked (we warn about this when the firewall is activated) but the data is blackholed.

For the VPN idea, unfortunately Android has no way to do this yet but I hope it will be possible someday.