Lose settings from Client

Glasswire loses its settings at irregular intervals, then I have to restore the client.conf


Sorry for the issue. It’s unusual for GlassWire to randomly lose settings unless its files are deleted.

Do you use a cleaning type of software? If so can you white list the programdata/glasswire folder?

Please let me know if that does not apply to you and I can suggest another solution.

I use CCleaner only, but not at the moment when Glasswire lost some Settings.

Please reinstall GlassWire’s latest version with the “clean install” option checked, then please white list the programdata/glasswire folder (with CCleaner) to avoid our settings getting deleted in the future.

Sorry for the problem.

but the Settings Directory is:
I don’t use CCleaner, also in the Protocol of them are no GlassWire files
and I want to keep my Firewall Rules so I can’t clean install.

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OK, hopefully the issue will not happen again due to the deletion. Sorry for the issue.

To be honest i never ever would put ccleaner on my pc since its bought by a notorious company which has no good reputation.
Its actually by many AV products flagged as Dangerous