Lost key licence


I lost my licence key after a computer format.
I try to send email at many times but no response.
Someone can help me ?

Thank you


Sorry for the issue. We don’t ignore emails, especially order related emails. I do the support myself.

All our email is up to date, are you emailing our contact page email address?

I just searched your forum email address and found no emails from you. Sometimes people type glasswAre instead of GlassWire with an “i”. Maybe that’s it? Please include the name and email address you used to order when emailing.

You can also click my name here in the forum and message me that information privately.

I don’t see MP link on your profil.


Please look for my message at the top right of the forum. Click the top right GlassWire icon, then click the inbox icon that looks like an envelope.

It’s ok thank you Ken :slight_smile:

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