Make network speed/history available for larger intervals

My internet provider charges for internet speed (Mbps), not for cumulative data, and was hoping to see peak bandwidth usage (in MB/s, which I can convert to Mpbs) farther back in the history than just in the “5 minute” time period window. For example, if I look at the 24 hour window I can find where the peak usage of the day occurred, but I can’t zoom in enough on the timeline slider to get data to show in MB/s. If I go to the “5 minute” window that shows bandwidth in MB/s, then I can’t go back far enough to see the peak usage earlier in the day. Could past history be shown in MB/s? or a longer history stored in the “5 minute” window format? Or if the amount of data is an issue for doing that, maybe only store maximum bandwidth in MB/s for larger intervals or only for the peak usage in the other time graph modes [3 Hours, 24 hours, Week, Month]. It would be nice to look back at the month and see what the peak usage was each day, or across the last week and see peak usage trends by the hour, if not with even more resolution.

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Thanks for your feedback on this peak usage idea.