Make pc super secure and super fast

So i instaled fresh windows, updates an all drivers and i notice, that more than 10 windows services uses internet. So i tested what i can block. I cant believe, i can disable everything. Only one service NT kernel sistem windows need to stay conected. I tested everything and pc working just fine i tested updates and everything that i found and no problem. so i was suprised and want to see what is windows doing even if i dont use my pc. I found great app o&o ShutUp10. Here you can acces hidden settings that you cant change normaly. So i disabled everything that program recommendet for maximum security you dont need to do that take time and customize. Then i use ccleaner to unistal crap that come with windows and disable start programs and all services that i can with ccleaner. Now i use only 1.2gb ram procesor and disk usage is 0% pc is faster than ever. Thanks to glasswire.
You will need:
driver booster (best program to easy instal all drivers that pc need)
make sure windows is up to date
i normaly disable update for 21 day or more so i can install updates when i want.
Now you can delete cleaner, shutup and driver booster because monitor your pc and search updates you dont need that anymore. I notice when i open defraggler auto mainterance is on so i disable that, i can start program manual i dont want to defrag when i am working und slowing me down.

Please be careful when disabling Windows Updates. For example there is currently a new critical worm that can infect your PC if it isn’t updated.

With GlassWire there are a couple things that we don’t allow you to block because it could cause instability and serious security issues.

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ja i know is not smart to do this i was just experimenting what can i disable and very supriced and angry because windows. i have testet that on very old laptop and it worked very well. I hate that windows is doing so much unnecessary crap and slowing my computer for nothing. I didnt use that computer more than a jear anyway. but it was fun. Thanks for warning me.