Make Shaded areas more Noticeable

A truly minor problem that I hope will be easily fixable is that I find the shaded areas somewhat difficult to see or recognize as different.

Two instances:
in Alerts, new alerts a just slightly darker than previous alerts that were marked as “read”. I’d like to see a more distinguishable way to show them. One good way would be to change the “Mark as Read” color to a light green – easily distinguishable and sends a clear indication of its intent.

on the graph, you display the “time away” in a slightly different shade of blue. I would like to see a different color such as a clear grey or even a pink, purple, etc. to set it apart.

Yes, the current color/shading options work (mostly), but especially in the Alerts tab, I have trouble knowing for sure that everything is not marked as “read”. Sure the “Mark as Read” does not appear, but that takes deliberate attention to the total display instead of having a clearly shown picture. (Before writing this, I felt that I had to deliberately generate an alert to be sure that the display is as I describe.)

BTW, color options are always nice to have. :grin: